About the Designer

Divined Couture Style is a multi-faceted brand that houses the womenswear collections, Divined Couture and Divined Couture Africa.
Designer, Lynn Uwadiale was born and raised in Seattle, WA, by two immigrant parents from Benin City, Nigeria. Her father coming from the Edo tribe and her mother from the Ibo tribe came to the United States to attend college and start a new life. Lynn along with her two younger siblings were born as the first generation from a traditional Nigerian family that were born in the US.
 Lynn’s childhood was filled with growing up in a rich Nigerian culture environment. Growing up admiring the beautiful Ankara fabrics (local West African cloth) was what drew Lynn to appreciate the beauty of colors and patterns in the fabric. These fabrics were always being worn at the Nigerian parties, which if you don’t know Nigerian parties are all about celebration, good food and also coming dressed to impress. Lynn would watch her parents getting ready in their traditional garments and head wraps. They would always look like royalty, so classy and grand.
So being able to take the aesthetic from the cultural attire she grew up witnessing along with the modern day fashions is what has helped Lynn create Divined Couture.